Drop off containers are put into place
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Sue Weber and Connie Hawkins traveled to Mississippi the weekend of November 18, 2005. They arrived in Pascagoula the evening of November 19 and began delivering the drop off boxes to area Wal-Marts, making contact with the manager on duty at each store. The next day... read more »

South Mississippi Sun Herald
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Underneath the fallen roofs, scattered lumber and torn siding, a family portrait peaked out from behind a wedding photo - both splintered with broken glass from torn-apart frames. With so much clean up to do after the storm, these photographs quickly became labeled as un-repairable debris.

Hurricane Katrina hadnít just changed the present and future lives of those living in southern Mississippi; she also drowned their past, leaving the memories faded and molded.

The Picture Project was created in order to help the residents of Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi, retrieve photographs lost during Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of images have been collected and scanned in hopes of the owners finding them. For the first time so many memories that would be once lost or forgotten now have the chance to go back to southern Mississippi, to be reframed, put into new scrapbooks and for new generations to see.

Kodak, the Biloxi Sun Herald, United Van lines, and many other sponsors have helped to make this possible. If you or someone you know has lost photographs due to damage in the storm, please look through our albums to see if your memories can come back home.

For every $15 donation you will recieve a Picture Project T-Shirt. Donations are currently being accepted by mail. Please make checks payable to:

Picture Project
5335 Norris Drive
Erie, PA 16509

Please indicate shirt size. sizes: youth s-m adult s-xxl